The “A TAX” is a $2,000 penalty per employee per year, if the employer does not offer minimum essential coverage to all full time employees and at least one employee obtains a premium subsidy through an exchange.   The “B TAX” is a $3,000 penalty per employee who purchases coverage through an exchange and receives a subsidy, if the employer offers coverage that is considered unaffordable or does not meet the minimum value standards.


Mid-Atlantic Benefits Solutions

Minimum Essential Coverage: A “MEC” Plan is compliant with the minimum essential coverage provisions and will meet the “A TAX” requirement.   Plus Plan: A Plus Plan meets the minimum value and affordable provisions. By offering this plan, you will meet the “B TAX” requirement.


Education and Compliance

Mid-Atlantic Benefits Counselors will educate your employees and capture election and declination data via face to face and call center meetings. All data collected via Common Census and is stored in their HIPPA compliant platform. Mid-Atlantic Benefits Counselors all have the prestigious “Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist” designation from The Healthcare Reform Center & Policy Institute.


How to Obtain a Quote

These plans only require a low 10% participation of employees and minimal employer contribution required. To obtain a quote we will need: Name & Address of Group; Census in Excel Format listing current eligible employees; If there is a current major medical plan; A brief description of what the employer is trying to accomplish to best build a plan.